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About Brogan Group

🏗️ Brogan Group is a leading construction management firm specializing in delivering exceptional results for mega projects across the globe. With a proven track record, our team of experts possesses extensive experience in managing diverse aspects of construction, including civil earthworks, underground utilities, pump stations, complex environmental services, river diversions, compensation lakes, habitat construction, tailings dams, dam raises, and pioneer mining stages. We offer a comprehensive range of services to cater to the unique needs of your project, including the early stages of pioneering mining operations.

💡 Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail set us apart. We understand the complexity and environmental considerations associated with large-scale construction projects, particularly in the pioneer mining stages. Our consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver sustainable solutions that address the specific challenges of these early stages.

⚙️ In addition to our construction management services, we also offer temporary staffing solutions. Need to augment your team with seasoned professionals specialized in pioneer mining stages or other areas of expertise? Brogan Group can provide skilled experts who seamlessly integrate into your project, ensuring efficient execution and adherence to stringent environmental standards.

🌟 Partnering with Brogan Group means gaining a trusted ally dedicated to your project's success. We prioritize collaboration, transparency, and open communication, fostering strong relationships with our clients and stakeholders. With our expertise in diverse areas, including pioneer mining stages, complex environmental services, river diversions, compensation lakes, habitat construction, tailings dams, and dam raises, we are well-equipped to address the unique challenges of your project from start to finish.

🌐 Discover how Brogan Group can elevate your mega projects, including pioneer mining stages, to new heights. Visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive range of construction management services, consultants, and temporary staffing solutions. Let's build excellence together!


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Brogan Group's mission is to empower communities and companies by delivering a high-performing Project Management Office (PMO) that facilitates sustainable change. We strive to support our clients in claiming and shaping a brighter future on their own terms. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that drive positive transformation and enable long-term success. By leveraging our expertise in project management and fostering collaborative partnerships, we aim to empower our clients to achieve their goals and create a lasting impact in their communities.


Mentor, Empower, Elevate 

Construction in Progress

Corporate Leadership

It's great to hear about Brogan Group's expertise and experience in the construction and engineering industry. With a combined 60 years of experience among the three lead members, Brogan Group has successfully delivered over $1 billion worth of construction projects.

Brogan Group's approach stands out by focusing on effective communication, construction methodology, feasibility, and cost-saving measures. By prioritizing practicality, functionality, and the likelihood of success, Brogan Group aims to enhance project outcomes. This is achieved through exploring alternative solutions, identifying and mitigating risks during the project planning phase, and maintaining comprehensive and clear communication throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Brogan Group understands the importance of thorough due diligence, whether it's related to geotechnical or environmental factors, implementing checks and balances in the design process, or ensuring effective communication. By methodically evaluating, shaping, and managing projects, Brogan Group aims to avoid compromise and achieve successful outcomes.

Overall, Brogan Group's expertise and commitment to excellence in project management make them a reliable choice for construction projects.


Thomas Brogan & Sons Construction Limited, founded in 1974 with Thomas Brogan as President, made its mark in the coal producing industry for over 30 years. Throughout its history, the company obtained and operated under permits, adapting to the evolving landscape of labor and environmental considerations. Despite growing opposition to surface mining, the company successfully garnered public support for the operation of its mine sites.

Acting as a responsible corporate citizen, Thomas Brogan & Sons Construction Limited made generous investments and donations, benefitting the public. The company also provided consultation and advice to government agencies on environmental and labor safety regulations, contributing to changes in rules and regulations. It actively presented policy changes for Energy and Strategy in Nova Scotia, advocating for coal's future role.

With a strong tradition of meeting the demand of domestic, commercial, and industrial customers, the company achieved annual production ranging from 35,000 tons to a high of 100,000 tonnes. Its customer base included esteemed entities such as the Cape Breton Development Corporation, Springhill Penitentiary, various local companies, CFB Summerside, and Nova Scotia Power Inc.

Sadly, due to low demand for coal and uncertainty regarding the future of coal mining, Thomas Brogan & Sons Construction Limited closed its doors in 2003.














However, the legacy of Brogan Group lives on through the entrepreneurial spirit of the Brogan family. Thomas Brogan's grandson, Jeremy Brogan, and granddaughter, Lindsey Brogan-MacDonald, have emerged as experienced entrepreneurs, creating Brogan Group Inc. This new endeavor carries forward the knowledge and expertise gained from Thomas Brogan & Sons, ensuring a continuation of the family's commitment to excellence in the construction industry.



Sydney, Nova Scotia 


Est. 1978


Sydney, Nova Scotia 


Est. 1984

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