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About Brogan Group

Brogan Group Inc is dedicated to developing First Nations construction businesses. Brogan Group Inc has a team that is experienced in developing First Nation businesses ground up.

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Brogan Group will provide a high performing PMO to facilitate sustainable change and empowerment of communities and companies that want help in claiming and shaping a brighter future for themselves on their terms.


Mentor, Empower, Elevate 

Construction in Progress

Corporate Leadership

 Regarding our expertise, Brogan Group began as a professional and collaborative meeting between experienced superintendents, engineers, and project managers in 2016. Since that time, the core of Brogan Group has completed several major capital projects together. Brogan Group’s 3 lead members have a combined 60 years’ experience in construction and engineering across a wide array of areas including industrial, geotechnical, municipal, marine, and structural works. Since working together in 2016, Brogan Group’s members have been responsible for the delivery of over $300 million in construction projects.

 Brogan Group’s proposals aim to provide a glimpse into our array of project management methods and tools. More important than lagging indicators and KPI(s), Brogan Group’s proposal is differentiated by rare proficiency in communication, construction methodology, feasibility, and cost saving measures that seek to increase the practicality, functionality, and likelihood of success for a given project. We do this by looking for opportunities for alternatives and modifications, identifying and mitigating risk in the project planning phase, and always ensuring comprehensive and clear communication throughout the project lifecycle.

We have seen enough projects be compromised on account of poor due diligence whether geotechnical or environmental, lack of checks and balances in the design process, or a breakdown in communication to know how to methodically evaluate, shape, and manage projects for successful outcomes.


Thomas Brogan & Sons Construction Limited was incorporated in 1974 with Thomas Brogan as President and has been in the coal producing industry for over 30 years. During this time it has applied for and successfully received permits to operate. It has conformed and adapted to the many changes and demands brought through by labour and environmental considerations. It has successfully campaigned public support for the operation of these mine sites even through the ever increasing opposition to surface mining. It has remained a strong corporate citizen with generous support to the public in investment and donation. It has consulted and advised government agencies on change of rules and regulation for environmental and labor safety regulations. It has presented policy changes for Energy and Strategy for Nova Scotia regarding coal and its role in the future. This company has a long tradition of successfully supplying the demand to their domestic, commercial and industrial customers. Yearly production has ranged from 35,000 tons to a high of 100,000 tonnes. T. Brogan and Sons has enjoyed a large customer base including such customers as the Cape Breton Development Corporation, Springhill Penitentiary, various local companies, CFB Summerside and Nova Scotia Power Inc. 


Tom Brogan & Sons have since closed its doors back in 2003 with the low demand for coal and uncertainty of the future for coal mining. 

Tom Brogan & Sons have developed a large group of experienced entrepreneurs including Tom Brogan’s Grandson Jeremy Brogan and Grand Daughter Lindsey Brogan-MacDonald creating Brogan Group Inc.


Sydney, Nova Scotia 


Est. 1978


Sydney, Nova Scotia 


Est. 1984

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