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Construction Management

Brogan Group is committed to meeting and exceeding the owners’ expectations on all construction management projects. To accomplish this, we confirm the owner’s objectives and the project delivery method through our pre-construction process. Then, we implement an owner’s vision through the selection (and bid management, if necessary) of a skilled team of design consultants and contractors. We achieve consistency between the design and the project’s objectives by performing regular technical reviews to ensure quality, coordination and constructibility of designs as work progresses. Budgets and schedules are established at the outset, updated as needed, and closely monitored throughout the design phase. Finally, Brogan Group performs a thorough review of the completed product and closeout documents.


When you have an infrastructure project, you need a construction management team that is committed to the overall health of the project Whether it be Mining ,Municipal, Transportation, Oil and Gas. you need someone who knows and understands the technology, the flow of production, and how to work around these dynamics. As you can see below, Brogan Group has experience in all of these areas and more. This is just one more reason why we are the right solution for you! 

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